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from  Wow!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Burns
Sorry it took so long to get to your website, but WOW!!!! These are some awesome pictures. Can't wait to see more. LeAnn Previous Response:
from Robert A. Burns
on July 04, 2005
 Thanks, LeAnn Previous Response:
on September 19, 2005
 Hi Robert,

I will absolutely second what LeAnn said – simply excellent photography!

I came across your site on BetterPhoto (I am too a member of this community of photographers and friends) and I want to say that your work is truly inspiring – it just so moving to these wonderful flowers in all their glory! I very much enjoyed your The Roses of Paul Guinn gallery – very professional and with great sense of presence and beauty, really great! I wish I could do floral images like that!


Philip Pankov
Fine art photograph 

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