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from  Keep the KISS principal!

Yo Dr. B,
May this endeavor always be fun and not work. When and if it ever does become work, you know you've gone too far. You know that Jesus spent long amounts of time in the wilderness, so
follow his lead.
Good work,
Bob Knox Previous Response:
from Robert A. Burns
on February 19, 2005
 Thanks, Bob. If by "wilderness," you mean "Fort Moutain," and if by "long amounts of time," you mean "four or five hours," then I will most certainly follow Jesus' lead. And don't worry -- I'm still having fun. Previous Response:
on August 24, 2005
 The painter Gwendolen John confessed,"My religion is my art; for me, it's everything in life." The visual arts may not be your religion, but they can surely deepen your awareness of Divinity.

kind regards,

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