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from Lisa Bowman Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain NP is one of my favorite places to visit. You have captured some of my favorite sites there. Especially the wind blown stumps way up in the higher altitudes. I am always intrigued by them. They look so lonely. Soldiers of the heights, having seen so many stormy battles yet still standing. Jayne mentioned your site on her blog. She was right it was well worth the time to come look at your photos. Cheers. Previous Response:
on May 03, 2012
 - Sheldon, well since this was my first show back after a 1-2 year hiatus I found myeslf shooting in Shutter Priority and adjusted my exposure compensation in order to get close to good exposure. I always shoot in RAW format so that also affords me the luxury of being off on my exposure a bit. I just really try to get the exposure as close to perfect as I can in camera knowing if I miss by a little I can adjust for it in post processing. After this show I switched back to shooting in Manual Mode. I had played with AV and TV modes previously but just feel much more confident shooting concerts in full manual now. In manual, once I get a good feel for my exposure settings if I see a burst of light that could possibly blow out my photo, I just stop down my aperture on the fly in order to get the shot then once the burst of light goes away ill adjust back to where I was prior to. I'll chimp for a shot or two here and there just as a cursory check but I don't spend much time doing that since time is not on my side while in the pit! hehee. 

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