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Question   General
Dr. Burns,
You are certainly very talented and have a creative eye. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

-  July 06, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Matthew.

- Robert A. Burns  July 06, 2005

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Question   Wow!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Burns
Sorry it took so long to get to your website, but WOW!!!! These are some awesome pictures. Can't wait to see more. LeAnn

-  July 04, 2005

  Answer Thanks, LeAnn

- Robert A. Burns  July 04, 2005

  Answer Hi Robert,

I will absolutely second what LeAnn said – simply excellent photography!

I came across your site on BetterPhoto (I am too a member of this community of photographers and friends) and I want to say that your work is truly inspiring – it just so moving to these wonderful flowers in all their glory! I very much enjoyed your The Roses of Paul Guinn gallery – very professional and with great sense of presence and beauty, really great! I wish I could do floral images like that!


Philip Pankov
Fine art photograph

-  September 19, 2005

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Question   gorgeous pics
Just wanted you to know I finally made it to your website. Your pictures are gorgeous as usual.

-  May 23, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Missy.

- Robert A. Burns  May 23, 2005

  Answer Hi

-  June 27, 2005

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Question   New pictures ofFort Mountain
As usual your photos are a work of art.I start out by looking at the new ones and end up going back to see the previous ones.Every time I do I see something I missed before.Yo will never know how much I have enjoyed your great talent.To capture such beauty is simply wonderful and to share it is even better.
God bless you and your family .
Thanks for sharing...Annie

-  April 27, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Annie.

- Robert A. Burns  May 01, 2005

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Question   WOW
WOW!!!! Your photos are breathtaking. I think I might just have to get my camera out and read the instructions. You have inspired me to try again. Thanks for sharing your beauty with us.

-  April 04, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Pati.

Read the manual and start shooting.

- Robert A. Burns  April 05, 2005

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Question   WOW!
absolutely incredible photos and a beautiful site - you have inspired me to dust off my camera and shoot more than just special occasions!!

-  April 04, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Cyndi.

Start dusting.

- Robert A. Burns  April 04, 2005

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Question   Great website
Dr. Burns,

Thanks so much for sharing your website and gorgeous pictures. Your creative eye and diverse interests will touch tocuh a special place in all who view and purchase your pictures.

What a legacy to share your fine work for all to enjoy!

Karen Wisdom

-  February 24, 2005

  Answer the pics r ugly

-  June 27, 2005

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Question   General
Dr Burns,
I had no idea you were such a talented artist, the photographs of the roses and landscapes were absolutely breathtaking. Almost as if I could feel the velvety smoothness of the rose if I touched the screen. Thank you for sharing with me. Amy Richardson, RN, HMC-ER

-  February 19, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Amy.

- Robert A. Burns  February 19, 2005

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Question   Keep the KISS principal!
Yo Dr. B,
May this endeavor always be fun and not work. When and if it ever does become work, you know you've gone too far. You know that Jesus spent long amounts of time in the wilderness, so
follow his lead.
Good work,
Bob Knox

-  February 12, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Bob. If by "wilderness," you mean "Fort Moutain," and if by "long amounts of time," you mean "four or five hours," then I will most certainly follow Jesus' lead. And don't worry -- I'm still having fun.

- Robert A. Burns  February 19, 2005

  Answer The painter Gwendolen John confessed,"My religion is my art; for me, it's everything in life." The visual arts may not be your religion, but they can surely deepen your awareness of Divinity.

kind regards,

-  August 24, 2005

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Question   strawberry fields forever
Dr. Burns,
Good Day Sunshine!
Yesterday,the MICU nurses viewed your wonderful pics and were all in agreement they are spectacular!
We especially enjoyed the "interesting pics" category, and could imagine traveling the long and winding road when I'm 64. You truely have a special gift and a ticket to ride. Keep up the good work, and we will be checking back eight days a week for new photos!Gotta get back to work, it's been a hard days night! hint...9 Beatles tunes
Bambi, Barbara Owen, Barbara Anderson, Kim Hawkins, and Joan Noga

-  January 29, 2005

  Answer Did you mean "number nine?"

Thanks, Bambi, the Barbaras, Kim and Joan.

- Robert A. Burns  January 29, 2005

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Question   Pictures
Hi Dr. B!
I enjoyed all your pictures, and I agree with the other comments made on your talent. Flower pictures are very well done, and I enjoyed your other nature shots. Great perspective with people and places! You have sparked my interest to get back at taking pics again. I hope to share some of mine with you.
Thanks--Charles Robinette

-  January 29, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Charles. Please share. And dust off that camera and start shooting.

- Robert A. Burns  January 29, 2005

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Question   Just enjoyed the sights
Dr Burns,
What an eye! The things that you see!
Remember to grow. Your talent shows such strength. Continue enjoying and sharing. Most of your shots look as though you had taken them out of a magazine or from postcards. So you just keep on shooting. I've enjoyed this tour.

-  January 27, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Lisa. Look for monthly updates.

- Robert A. Burns  January 29, 2005

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Question   Fantastic pictures of Spain!
I have to say it... What a creative eye you have! These aren't just snapshots they are very professional! What a talent. I also think the site is very well laid out. Thanks Dr. Burns for sharing your creativity. I will check back often for new photos!

-  January 25, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Chris.

- Robert A. Burns  January 29, 2005

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Question   Great Site
Hi Dr. Burns, The girls and I here in the library at Cohutta Ele. think your photos are beatiful! You have a lovely family also. I found the photos of Rock Bridge to be a surprize! I go there also! Have a great day, and I'll see you at four today!

P. S. I hope you got all those nasty little cells the first time!

-  January 25, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Rebecca. Tell everyone at the library that I appreciate the kind words.

- Robert A. Burns  January 29, 2005

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Question   Guestbook
Beutiful impressions/pictures. How often are new images added?
My compliments also to for the well-organized website. Good luck in your future efforts!

-  January 24, 2005

  Answer Hi, Michael, and thanks.

I plan on adding a new category each month. I will probably call it "New Photos, Month, Year." At the end of each month, I will upload interesting photos for that month. Look for the "New Photos, January, 2005" in early February.

I will add other categories on an "as shot" basis.

- Robert A. Burns  January 26, 2005

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Question   thanks!
Bob, I love your pictures and your enthusiasm and passion for the art and science of digital photography is infectious. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. I am anticipating some future Colorado nature art.

-  January 21, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Gary. I look forward to the Colorado project.

- Robert A. Burns  January 22, 2005

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Question   Beautiful
Wonderful!!! Great site! Your pictures are very good. I hope to see more. Keep it coming!!! So many of your pictures would be gorgeous framed.

-  January 19, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Brianna.

- Robert A. Burns  January 19, 2005

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Question   Truly Beautiful
Your photographs are a true work of art. I have enjoyed viewing every single one. You are a truly gifted and talented person.

-  January 19, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Carrie.

- Robert A. Burns  January 19, 2005

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Question   Very Nice
Great site and interesting photos. Keep up the great work.

-  January 13, 2005

  Answer Thanks, Terrry.

- Robert A. Burns  January 13, 2005

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Question   pictures
Thank you for sharing these photos. The nature scenes, the flowers and the pictures of Madrid were absolutely wonderful. I love black and white photos. If was great for you to share the photos of your family. Keep on keeping on.

-  January 13, 2005

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